To seek a deeper learning and living out of the Christian faith by:

A. To seek a deeper learning and walking out our Christian faith by:

  1. Promoting the Catechism of Biblical Teachings as the ultimate resource for      authentic faith.
  2. Create a mentoring program within the community.
  3. Set up a scholarship fund for inner city youth to further their education.
  4. Set up a program for single parents to receive help with purchasing school clothes and school supplies for their children.
  5. Create a mentoring program for young boys and girls that will help promote healthy lifestyles and sound wisdom impartation.
  6. Create a financial management for youth to help the promote wealth within their community and their homes.
  7. Create an anti-bullying program among the youth as a peer to peer workshop program.
  8. Create abstinence, and sexual education classes from a Christian point of view in order to help control teen pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.
  9. Promote the Arts within low income community to cultivate the culture within the community.
  10. Set up inner city bible studies for youth and parents to help create harmony in the community.
  11. Providing spiritually-oriented group activities (e.g. group retreats, field trips and other actives that promotes spiritual growth).
  12. To provide a school of ministry for ministers in training, so that they are equipped and understand their calling

B. To establish an intimate community of families whose goal is:

  1. To develop a passionate love for Christ.
  2. To train and develop others that will tell the world of Christ.
  3. To set up and develop family values for young teen parents.
  4. To work with other Christians organization to promote oneness in churches
  5. To become effective witnesses in the community.

C. To provide personal support and encouragement by:

  1. Establishing a network of parents dedicated to encourage and to build each other up.
  2. Providing a relaxed, trusting environment where youth can share challenges as well as successes.
  3. Assisting one another through practical suggestions and ideas on how to lighten the load in our daily struggles (i.e. setting goals, planning, organizational hints, avoiding burnout, and discipline).
  4. Providing communication through newsletters, meetings and e-mail.

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