Redeemed to Reign

Dear people of God, the fact that we are created to enjoy life cannot be over emphasized. Romans 5:17 was categorical that we are redeemed to reign and not struggle in life: “For if by one man’s offence death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ.”


Those who have receive abundance of grace are meant to king in life. They don’t knock on doors twice; doors open on its own accord as such persons approach. God’s elect attract good things without struggling because they have favour. We are not made to pursue things severally before they materialize. The ordination of God for his church is that they should reign in life. 


Revelations 5:10 says: “And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.”


This shows why a child of God must not see himself as wretched. The bible says “he has made us” not “going to make us”. King and priest is therefore our identity and designation. You were made either a king or priest. You are not a lowlife person so you must live the mountaintop life. The last line of that scripture made it abundantly clear that we shall reign, not struggle on earth. God already made us kings on earth to exercise dominion just as Genesis 1:28 said He blessed Adam and Eve and mandated them to exercise dominion over everything that is on the earth. 


We must imbibe the mentality of royalty or priesthood and start behaving likewise. There are certain utterances, posture and composure that are not attributable to a royal. Carry yourself with dignity and not allow yourself to be found in demeaning locations or confessing impossibility. It is uncharacteristic of a king to beg. 


Don’t be moved by your current circumstance. Build your faith to be such that “calls those things that be not as if they were” Romans 4:17. Don’t talk like a beggar? If you truly know where you’re headed, you won’t beg for insignificant things. If somebody gets something good, praise God for such blessing but declare that your own is on the way and is going to be great. 


As a king or priest, you can’t join in identifying yourself as: “we suffering masses” or “we the poor masses”.  When you are around people who talk this way, and there is no way you can correct them by virtue of them being older than you or in order not to be deemed arrogant, do well to excuse yourself from their midst. If you don’t quit their company, you will subconsciously begin to behave and speak like them. Poverty has been said not to be the absence of money but a state of mind. A poor man does not see anything good about life but always feels shortchanged. 

You are Revelation 5:10, God already created you as a king or priest so that you shall reign on earth. Priesthood is dignity 1 timothy 5:17 says those who labour in the word and doctrine are of double honour. A king is to be honoured. Hence, you were created as a King. Barrenness, struggles, shame and reproach are not your portion because they were not there in the very beginning. In Genesis 1:31, the Bible said everything God created in the beginning was very good. Note that the “good” was qualified as “very”. God created us very good. And for all that you need to live a very good life, receive and rejoice in Jesus name, Amen.

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