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About Pastor Joseph Aborowa

Pastor Joseph Aborowa is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Highland Church; a Commission established during the height of COVID-19 lockdown and has since been running with the vision of raising global leaders empowered by grace. He is the convener of Shiloh Hour, a monthly prophetic ministration on YouTube that has served as a platform for divine encounters and a turning point for many who have been part of it. Pastor Joseph is a dynamic teacher of the Word and is engraced with the prophetic unction. His inspiring and power-packed messages have, over the years, brought about transformation with outstanding testimonies of breakthroughs from the people of God. He has the divine mandate of liberating the distressed, discontented, and indebted, guiding them to a status of royalty and honour. PJA, as fondly called, is also a highly-trained chartered accountant with nearly three decades of experience that cut across consulting, forensic accounting, audit, and assurance. He is happily married to Pastor Atinuke and their union is blessed with three prophets.

About The Book

Limitless Possibilities

Limitless Possibilities is the
believer's manual for operating in the realm of the miraculous.
Over the years, God has unveiled to his anointed servant, Pastor Joseph Aborowa, mysteries and scriptural principles that will empower the believer to walk in the realm of limitless possibilities.
In this book are compilation of his teachings in the Highland Church which he pastors, on the subject of faith for limitless possibilities which he has proved in his covenant walk with God with duplication of diverse testimonies from members who have practiced his anointing teaching.
This book among others will:
* Fire up your faith to do the impossible.
* Open your eyes to the realm of the miraculous.
* Impart you with spirit of faith to walk in the realm of limitless possibilities.

Be rest assured of an encounter that will change your life after reading this book.


Step into Sonship

It takes Sonship to manifest to your world. A lot of Christians are not manifesting or shining as they should because they’re yet to step into Sonship. There is a status called Son of God and its essence is power and authority.

Profess to Possess

Everything needed for an enjoyable 2022 has been released to you. Heaven granted this following the confession of your expectations for the new year during the just-concluded Days of Grace. 

The Power of Expectation

Dear people of God, the fact that we are created to enjoy life cannot be over emphasized. Romans 5:17 was categorical that we are redeemed to reign and not struggle in life: “For if by one man's offence death reigned by one; 

Angels as Waiters

The early apostles enjoyed angelic ministrations because they always prayed in the Spirit. The Acts of the Apostles is suffused with instances of angels appearing to them or visiting the prisons to deliver them from the gulag


September 15th Prophesy Fulfilled in My Business :
I write to acknowledge once again that the God of Highland Church is ALIVE and He confirms His word from His servant, Pastor Joseph Aborowa with strange acts of miracles, signs and wonders. We can all remember the September 15th prophecy from the Senior Pastor, a date he set as when something we are trusting God for will happen on or before. So, for me, we have this client that we had approached in August for payment and the Head of Finance told me point blank that I should not think about it, that no payment can come to us at this time because we are not due for it. We left it that way but I went back praying that God’s word will be honored in my life. Lo, and behold, in the morning of September 15th, while in my office, I got a chat from the man who had initially told us No asking that I should send in our document for the payment to be processed. I could not believe my eyes; this is someone whose is Yes is Yes and No is No. But the God of this Commission bent his personality just for my sake. This is a clear case of Pastor Joseph’s prophecy coming to pass in my life. All praise and glory to GOD who is mighty in the midst of His people. iTestify!

Bro. O. Oyediran

Ear Discharge Dries Up at Shiloh Altar:
Good day, Church. I am super grateful to God for how mindful of me he has been since the start of this year, I am not worthy of it but He keeps coming through for me even without me asking and I thankful. I have had this painless mucus-like discharge from my left ear since I was a child. I remember my mum giving me all kinds of medications and ear-drops but it just always comes back. I remember I was also taken to the hospital and was told an insect entered my left ear and the aftermath is this smelly ear discharge I have had to live with. It comes occasionally, last for about a week and can be really embarrassing. On the 12th of February, I came to Church with my left ear blocked with a piece of tissue paper as a result of the discharge. I was to back up for one of the choir ministrations and was already thinking of how the camera might capture me with the white tissue in my ear so I took it off while walking to the altar and kept it in my pocket after murmuring how I tired I was of being conscious of it. Then came the Shiloh Hour on February 17th, I was really struggling to stay awake that morning only for Pastor Joseph to mention that God asked him to pray healing over some persons. I honestly didn't think my ear case would be included until the Senior Pastor kept emphasizing his prayers as regards every issue with any part of the head particularly the ear. I said Amen in shock. I watched the video again on my way to work to be sure it wasn't from the sleep I was struggling with I heard it and that was it for me, I kept declaring "I am healed, you are dried up from your source" throughout the day, whenever I felt the sensation that the mucus was starting to flow out again. And to the glory of God!!!! I have not felt any sensation since then nor seen any smelly mucus flow out. My left ear is healed, the flow has seized! I am free!! Thank you, Jesus!!!

Sis Debbie Olowokere

Change of Level after Keying Into the Prophetic Word:
I want to thank God for his mercies and favour over my life, my family and career. In the course of the year 2022, I was offered a Shareholder position in one of the top accounting and financial training institutes. I thank God for the grace of relevance upon my life. I was also recommended as a training facilitator in public finance management faculty of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN). I have been trusting God for confirmation and elevation in my organization. The general belief is that, if you don’t have a strong connection to the top, your confirmation process might not be successful. The Senior Pastor usually prophesies that policies and procedures will be suspended for our sakes. I keyed into this and kept praying, trusting God to send me a man-like-angel that will uphold my right hand until I get to the top. I also prayed into reality Pastor Joseph’s prophecies in the 2021 Q4 Days of Grace that we will start manifesting prayer points in our expectations forms on or before February 15, 2022. On the 12th of February, 2022, I got a call from Abuja for an assessment test preparatory to my confirmation. I was like: but those who were earlier confirmed on the job did not have to pass through any assessment test. As if that was not enough, I didn’t get any feedback or told the result of the assessment after I went for it. After being invited for another test, I was scared and worried, wondering why I had to be subjected to all of that. I however braced up and went for the second assessment. Since the middle of the year up till December, I received no update from the organization. In the course of December – being our month of Thanksgiving and Harvest, the Senior Pastor maintained that God is too faithful to fail, that the year is not yet over and our expectations will not be carried over to 2023. I keyed in and started giving thanks for the confirmation I am yet to get. By the 12th of December, I heard that the company was sending mails for people to come for their confirmation letter. I kept checking my mailbox but saw nothing in that regard. In faith, I decided to visit the organization’s headquarter to collect my own letter. When I got there, they couldn’t find any of the confirmation letters bearing my name. When I told them that I didn’t actually get any email inviting me to come over, I was asked to leave. Just as I was leaving, the Head of HR called me back and asks to know to my. He said my name rings a bell and that he had earlier seen my letter of confirmation. He then instructed his staff to check again, insisting that I am among those confirmed. When they did, they found the letter confirming me as an Assistant Manager, Tax. To God be all the glory.

Bro Michael Aribiyi